Power Meters

Power Meters

HP-Agilent/Keysight – E4419B

 Power Meters

  • EPM Series Dual-Channel Power Meter
  • Frequency range: 9 kHz to 110 GHz
  • Power range –70 dBm to +44 dBm (100 pW to 25 W)
  • Connector type: Type N (f), 50 O
  • Fast measurement speed (up to 100 readings per second, over the GPIB, with E-series sensors)
  • True dual-channel power meter
  • Two simultaneous power readings – GPIB and RS232 connector for remote control of all functions
  • No range-switching delays with 8480 series sensors and only one fast-range switching point with E-series sensors 
  • Condition: Used

HP-Agilent/Keysight – 53148A

 Power Meters HP Agilent

  • The Agilent 53148A is a full featured 26.5 GHz CW microwave frequency counter, a true power meter, and a dc DVM
  • It saves rack space in an ATE system and is ideal for installation and maintenance of point-to-point microwave links. * Single
  • Ultra-wideband CW microwave counter input, 50 MHz to 26.5 GHz * -70 dBm to +44 dBm power meter range
  • Agilent 8480 series sensors * High resolution/accuracy +/- 50 Vdc DVM * GPIB
  • RS-232 interfaces standard 
  • Condition: Used

HP-Agilent/Keysight – N1914A

 Power Meters HP Agilent Keysight

  • Frequency range of 9 kHz to 110 GHz (sensor dependent)
  • Wide dynamic range of -70 to +44 dBm (sensor dependent)
  • Speed improvement by 2X for E-Series sensors: up to 400 readings/sec
  • Go beyond GPIB with LAN LXI-C and USB connectivity
  • Code-compatible with E4418B, E4419B
  • Power meters Code-compatible with 436A, 437B and 438A power meters (option 200)
  • Increased measurement channels: up to three channels with two additional U2000 Series power sensors connected using the optional USB hosts Automated frequency/power sweep measurements with the optional external trigger in/out feature 
  • Condition: Used


 Power Meters Rohde & Schwarz

  • NRVD covers a total band- width of 40 GHz and a power span from 100 pW up to the k­W range
  • Being individually and absolutely calibrated
  • The sensors can be interchanged as required without impairing measure- ment accuracy
  • Wide range of sensors includes thermal power sensors
  • High-sensitivity diode sensors
  • Peak­ power sensors as well as probes and insertion units for voltage measurements
  • Condition: Used