The new transmitters generation designed following the latest technology in the field and the highest manufacturing quality allows to reach one the highest standard of efficiency and realiability. Developed inside of the company, by our engineers, these transmitters can cover the widest range of power, that for the FM band start from 100W up to 40kW, maintaining an efficiency that can reach 75%. All the equipments are self protected for the RF power in order to warranty the best performance over the time. All this technology combined with an easy use


 FM Transmitters  DAB Transmitters  DVB Transmitters
 Transmitters  DAB Transmitters  DVB Transmitters


Key features:

  • Fully Broad Band Solid state Transmitters
  • High Efficiency uo to 75% (*FM Low Power Comsuption)
  • Intuitive Touch Screen Display
  • Isolated RF section to avoid EM Interference
  • Remote Control via SNMP/WEB
  • High cooling efficiency
  • Standard Power Supply
  • Ready for 1+1 and n+1 stand-by Systems
  • high quality/realiability
  • Low noise functioning